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Frocks for children

 3 February 2020
 Girme High School . Wanawadi, Pune - 411040.
 1. Fellowship 2. National anthem 3. Discuss new project of "frocks for children" 4. Review of other projects
 The mom for meeting on 3rd as follows: 01) 8:00 pm assemble & fellowship 02) 8:15 pm.meeting called to order. 03)The project of stitching frocks &kurtis and later to be distributed to the deserving byRtn.Abbasji & Rtn.Fatemaji was discussed in detail. The sum of Rs12000/was collected.some frocks to be distributed to krishnanagar slums and some to remote rural areas as proposed by Rtn Hussain &papaji. 04) Rtn Saifeebhai announced that the cheques shall now be enrouted through RCPH charitable trust. 05) In our meeting DT 21/Jan/2020 an RCPH project was proposed to paint, clean, tidy up & provide extra light fittings for the computer room of Girme School, for which Rtn.Hussainji & Rtn.Shabir p were to invite reasonable quotes. The quotation of Rs eighteen to twenty thousand was given by them. 06) Discussion on health check up project as proposed by Rtn Hussainji. 07)Basic salient features of RCPH Trust to be circulated amongst members for easy understanding. 8)painting on the walls of Girme school proposed by rtn Hussainji was discussed. 9)regarding the gathering of ladies &gents members of RCPH. Rtn shabbirPji proposed the venue at panchratna hotel the date decided by all members present in the meeting is 25th February. 9)our ongoing project of music classes for two girls of Girme school Nazia and komal,to be continued even after they leave Girme school. The meeting ended at 9:00 .