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Plan for next project and Assembly meeting

 18 November 2019
 Girme High School . Wanawadi, Pune - 411040
 AGENDA: 1) Plastic awareness project at Girme School 2) BOD meeting date and venue. 3) Assembly meeting date and venue to be finalized. 4) Any other project / topic related to Rotary. Thanks.
 Minutes of meeting Dt: 18/11/2019,Girme school 7:30pm Rotarians present: 9 Anns:1 1)president Ilyas hussain briefed us about the Children's Day program held at Nehru Memorial Hall. 2) BOD meeting to be held on 25th November, venue to be decided later. 3)District conference Jai Ho will be held at Ambrosia resort on the 4th and 5th January. Registration has already started. RcpH family kindly register in large numbers 4) Our RCPH event on plastic awareness has been scheduled on this wednesday20/11/2019 at Girme school. Timings: 2:30 pm. All Rotarians and Anns are kindly requested to attend this event and make it a huge success. Rtn HemaBellad has invited Mr Vinod Bodhankar from Sagar Mitra Abhyan for his presentation on plastic awareness.the children from the senior section of Girme school shall be present. Mrs Sakina Pacha and Mr Hakim Pacha with their kind gesture shall be sponsoring the snacks for the children. Requesting once again to all members to be present. RSVP requested as earliest. Timings:2:30 pm. 5)AG visit in December. 6)The RCPH picnic has been finalized on 8th December at Aquarius Resort. Kindly give your confirmations at the earliest.