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Projects to be done in year 2020

 6 January 2020
 Girme High School . Wanawadi, Pune - 411040
 1. Assemble at Girme School at 7:30 pm 2. Fellowship....hosted by Rtn Rajiv Lochan 3. National Anthem at 8:00 pm 4. About District Conference held on 4th and 5th January 5. Discussions about future projects. 6. Words of advice from Rtn Rajiv Lochan and Rtn Papaji. 7. Secretarial announcements 8. Meeting adjourned at 9:00 pm
 Rotarians present =12 Anns present=1 The meeting commenced at 8:00pm.President Ilyas briefed us about 1)the eight projects by our club. 2)RCPH ranking in January 2020 is at number 80 and our score is 247 3)200 library books to be distributed to four schools. 50 for each school. 4)Medical camp to be held in a society for the housemaids with the help of Rotarian Kunjan Jadhav as his medical van and doctors are available. 5)school bags and stationary to be sponsored by individual contribution to the RCPH which would be given to the deserving students. 6)The room at Girme school to be maintained with painting and lighting. The project of Sanjeevani school regarding ventilation and roofing was also discussed. 7)The pending dues of all Rotarians to be paid by 15th January. The fellowship was sponsored by Rotarian Rajiv Lochan. The meeting ended at 9:30 pm