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Projects for December

 17 December 2019
 Girme High School . Wanawadi, Pune - 411040
 1. Fellowship at 7:30 pm 2. National Anthem 3. Literacy Reward felicitation. 4. Review of Projects done up to December 5. About District conference in January 6. E-waste and Plastic waste collection project 7. Christmas and new year celebrations 8. Picnic planning
 Minutes of Meeting held at Girme School on 17th Dec 2019. *Members Present:* 1. Rtn Ilyas 2. Rtn Abbas 3. Rtn Fatema 4. Rtn Guluji 5. Rtn Husain 6. Rtn Saifi 7. Rtn Shabbir Nalwala 8. Rtn Hakim 9. Rtn Munira *Anns Present:* 1. Mrs Sakina Pacha *Note: 8 members marked their attendance using QR code.(👍) *I am writing this MoM as Joint Secretary of the club in the absence of Hon Secretary.* 1. Fellowship started at 7:30 pm 2. Meeting started at 8 pm with National Anthem 3. President Rtn Ilyas briefed about "District Literacy Seminar" on 15th December which was attended by 3 members. He mentioned about the Felicitation received by our Club in the form of Trophy and Certificate for doing Projects in the field of "Basic Literacy and Education". He thanked all the members and Anns for their participation in these projects and applauded the contribution of Literacy Director PP Rtn *Hema Bellad* for arranging Literacy Seminar on 14th Nov at Nehru Memorial Hall without any financial burden on the club. 2. Rtn Husain Bhopalwala suggested to call speaker who can guide us on how to get CSR funds for the club so that we can do bigger projects. 3. All the members agreed to do a project on E-waste collection jointly with Rotary Club of Pune Cantonement on 22 December. 4. Rtn Abbas emphasised on the cleanliness of classrooms in Girme School and also our meeting room. 5. The President, Rtn Ilyas, informed about the "Performance Index" of our club. Our Club position in District 3131 is "78" with a score of 246/1000. He emphasised to improve the performance index by "conducting Training Activities" , doing more projects, attending District Seminars, more attendance in club meetings, etc. 6. All the members agreed for Christmas and New Year get-together on 27th December. Venue is to be decided based on number of persons. 7. All the members agreed for a picnic in January-2020 as suggested by PP Rtn Sameer. 8. There is a special request from President...."Please attend District Conference JAI-HO in large least 10 members/anns are expected from our club" 7. Meeting was adjourned at 9 pm